Teacher Features

Featured in the Meadowbrook Star, check out the profiles of our teachers, created by PTO President Julie Weinberg.
Pam Streeter and her two daughters   

Pam Streeter’s voice is pretty familiar to just about every Meadowbrook parent.  She’s the one calling to say your child is in the nurse’s office.  Aside from feeling badly about being the “bearer of bad news,” she loves her job as Meadowbrook’s school nurse and enjoys interacting with the kids and getting to know the families.  “I feel such a part of this community,” she said. Read more

Art teacher Megan Hamm   

Megan Hamm doesn’t consider herself the most talented artist, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying out many types of art and becoming Meadowbrook’s art teacher for the last five years.  “It’s about having passion and interest,” she said, adding, “It’s a learnable thing.” Read more

Mrs. Kosnik   

Lisa Kosnik received a pretty clear sign during her teenage years that she was destined to become a speech therapist.  “During my sophomore year in high school, I took an interest test, and speech and language pathology came in off the charts,” she said as she marks her thirteenth year as Meadowbrook’s speech therapist. Read more.

 Mrs. Krsek and family  

Natalie Krsek is marking 15 years at Meadowbrook this school year, a milestone she pursued with a great deal of patience when she first started teaching. Read more

 Ms. Mann

Jessica Mann has always had a knack for spatial relationships and mathematics, skills that ultimately led her to become Meadowbrook’s Gifted/Talented Services Coordinator for the last ten years.  Read more

Dr. Nasso and her Fiance   

  Hillary Nasso loves math so much that when she was in high school she saved her math homework until the end “like it was dessert!” Read more

 Michelle HItzman  

Michelle Hitzman lives in her childhood home and has been teaching at Meadowbrook for 24 years, but those are just about the only places she’s stayed for any length of time.  Meet a woman with some serious wanderlust.  “I love to travel, see new places, and explore,” she said. Read more

 Mrs. Goodsnyder Jamie Goodsnyder doesn’t seem like the dumpster diving type, but that’s exactly what she did in pursuit of becoming a teacher. “I never played house, only school,” she said thinking back to her childhood and explaining that one year she and a friend went digging through the trash at the end of the school year to get old workbooks for their playtime.
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 Katie Jablonski Katie Jablonski spends her days teaching second grade, but when she’s not at school you are likely to find her on the move in the gym, on the court, or on the field.

Sports haven’t been the only constant in Miss Jablonski’s life. Teaching has also always been on her mind. “Growing up, I always wanted to teach the grade I was in,” she said.  Read the full story
Mrs. Scott and family  Maria Scott is known as a kindergarten teacher at Meadowbrook, but her high school friends know her as something else: Scoops!
While in high school, she was a sprinter, a cheerleader and an employee at Baskin Robbins in downtown Northbrook, hence the nickname. Her boyfriend and now husband, Doug, also worked there. The two met on the first day of high school when she was just 13 years old. Read the full story
 Sue Ryder with her wife and sons Sue Ryder started her career in Silicon Valley, but she says she doesn’t miss it one bit and loves working as a technical support specialist at Meadowbrook. Read more
 Ryan Wood with his wife and infant son Ryan Wood is always on the go, so it's no surprise that he says he's ready for whatever the future brings. Read more 
 Christine Kim and companion in China Christine Kim arrived in a kindergarten classroom at Meadowbrook last year after a teaching career that has taken her around the world. Read the full profile.
 2nd grade Jean Viviano and her husband   Jean Viviano has worked with children her entire life, teaching three different grades, coaching youth sports and working as a camp counselor. Now, after 26 years at Meadowbrook, she says with confidence that teaching second grade is the “best kept secret.” Read the full profile
 Spanish teacher Lynsee Whitman

Lynsee Whitman is proof that the skills you learn in school really will help you get a job someday. She did not grow up with Spanish-speaking family and friends and never traveled internationally to study a foreign language, yet she’s one of two Spanish teachers at Meadowbrook. How did she become skilled enough in Spanish to teach it? She simply studied it in school.
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 Miss Weiner portrait Alli Weiner is full of energy and super outgoing, so it’s hard to believe this first grade teacher used to be shy. “Camp changed me,” she says. “I felt like myself and was accepted for me,” she explains reflecting on her seven years at Chippewa where she was both a camper and a counselor. Read the complete article
 Mr. Thome with wife and sons

Pat Thome has an admission to make.  “It’s sad to say,” concedes this avid Green Bay Packers fan, “but the Bears will beat the Packers on Sunday.  I would put money on it.”  He’s even predicting the score: 23-10.  You’ll see him wearing the winning team’s tie on Monday.  All kidding aside, Meadowbrook’s principal says moving to Bears country was the best decision he ever made.
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Ms. Mazzarella  Kathryn Mazzarella didn’t always know she wanted to be a teacher. She did know she didn’t want a desk job and tested her skills in business as a manager of an Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store.  Ultimately, she decided she wanted to be in a more academic setting with greater variety and interaction. It seems she found what she was looking for because after 14 years at Meadowbrook, she says, “You never know what can happen here!” Read the full article.
 Mr. Shea, with wife and son Mr. Jeremy Shea knows firsthand what it’s like to face the challenges of elementary school, especially as a student with a disability.

When he was in third grade (the same grade he teaches now,) Mr. Shea says he couldn’t read, and tests determined he was dyslexic. Read the whole profile.
 John Stark John Stark, Meadowbrook’s Head Custodian, has a wide range of interests that have taken him on several adventures, but his passion keeps him rooted in Northbrook. Read more 
 Mr. Rosenbaum

Tom Rosenbaum has worked as a Physical Education teacher at Meadowbrook for 25 years, but he doesn’t consider it a job.  It’s simply his passion.  “I’ve always loved kids, sports, and teaching,” he said.

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 Mrs. Wetter and family Fourth-grade teacher Katy Wetter never applied for a job at Meadowbrook, but now her "life revolves around it!" Read more
Mrs. Verne and Ms. Lifshitz 

Stacey Verne loves math.  Jessica Lifshitz loves literacy.  Together, they make up a fifth grade team that covers it all.  They are in their fifth year teaching together, swapping students half-way through the day so their fifth graders see Mrs. Lifshitz for Literacy and Miss Verne for Math, Social Studies, and Science.  Both teachers say it’s an ideal arrangement for them, and in turn, their students. Read more

 Ms. Benz  

Monica Benz seems like she’s read every book in the school library, so it’s surprising to hear Meadowbrook’s librarian of 11 years say she “hated reading” as a kid. Read more

 Ms. Robison  

Kate Robison is a proud graduate of District 28 schools and is thrilled to be back as a fourth grade teacher at Meadowbrook.  “I have felt nothing but welcomed,” she said.

Shamsha Rupshi    Shamsha Rupshi credits her family and a few personal experiences with leading her to a second grade classroom at Meadowbrook.
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 Ms. Silver  Shana Silver is Meadowbrook’s newest teacher.  She stepped in as a first grade teacher just one week before the start of school.  
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