From Classmates to Colleagues

Two new teachers were 2008 NBJH grads
Posted on 08/28/2017
Ms. Seeberg and Ms. von HolstTwo new 8th grade teachers started the year in familiar territory but in very different shoes – Rachel von Holst and Mary Claire Seeberg walked the same halls as eighth-graders in 2008.

Ms. Seeberg is teaching eighth-grade math and Ms. von Holst is teaching eighth-grade social studies. As first-year teachers, they were feeling the expected jitters before the start of school, but have blended seamlessly into the faculty side of life in the first week of school.

“Classroom management is something you don’t get to practice much (in school),” Ms. von Holst said, expecting her students to test her from day one.

One thing to their advantage: Eighth grade wasn’t that long ago.
“Absolutely I can remember what it’s like to be in eighth grade,” Ms. Seeberg said. Her eighth-grade yearbook photo is framed on her desk “for perspective,” she said.

Rachel walks under the tessellation ceiling tile that she created in geometry class as a student on her way to the social studies classroom where she teaches.

“I’m teaching world culture and current events. I want to introduce my students to the value of learning about people different from them and how that can affect who they are,” Ms. von Holst said.

The two colleagues were teammates on the water polo and swim teams Glenbrook North High School. Always acquaintances, they learned they shared a special bond only after Ms. Seeberg saw Ms. von Holst’s name listed on the new staff page.

Ms. von Holst attended Grinnell College in Iowa and studied abroad in London and Cape Town. She decided to pursue a teaching career her sophomore year in college and has been working in classrooms ever since.

Ms. Seeberg comes from a family of educators, including uncles who teach at Glenbrook North and at Loyola. As a high school student she participated in the internship program with Ms. Sullivan at Westmoor School and with Ms. Dodge at Greenbriar School before attending Marquette University.

Principal Scott Meek said he is thrilled to have them as part of the NBH staff.

“I think it’s impressive that they felt NBJH was a special enough place for them to want to come back and begin their teacher careers,” he said. “As students they always embodied the core values of our school and we’re excited that they now have the opportunity to create positive learning experiences for their students.”