Circulation Policies:

It is our pleasure to circulate books and other items with the Meadowbrook Community. The following policies are in place to help students enjoy selecting materials while helping them grow in their responsibility for those materials. They are also based on the needs of students and on the size of our collection. Once a child has reached their maximum number of items, they will need to return something before they are allowed to check out further materials.

1 book per visit, 3 books maximum
1st & 2nd Grade: 3 books per visit, 6 books maximum
3rd, 4th & 5th Grade: 5 books per visit, 10 books maximum

Overdue Notices:

All of our items circulate for two week periods. We do not use date due cards as many libraries in the area do not use them. We ask our students to bring their materials back when they are finished with them. If materials are not returned by two weeks after the due date, meaning the student has had the items for more than four weeks, we will send them an overdue notice to their classroom. We have talked with the students that this is not punitive in nature, but rather a form of communicating with them about their materials.

If a students gets an overdue notice they are asked to do one of three things:
1. Return the materials if they are finished with them.
2. Renew the materials if they need them longer.
3. Tell us the materials are lost.

If a student does none of the above, a second notice will go to the student through their teacher, but will be addressed to the parent. At this point, students will no longer be allowed to borrow materials until one of the three above actions are taken. A third notice will be mailed if necessary, followed by phone contact to parents. Please don't hesitate to call or send a note. Open communication is very important.

Lost Books:

If an item becomes lost, please let us know or have your child let us know. We will mark the item as lost on the student's record. Your child will be able to check out as usual. If the lost item is not found by the end of the school year, payment will need to be remitted. We do not accept payment before the end of the school year, as most items turn up before then. 

Damaged Books:

If an item becomes damaged, please let us know or have your child let us know. We will send home a bill for payment. Payment for damaged items are due when billed, not at the end of the school year, as is the case for lost books.

Payment of items:

It is our policy that lost or damaged items are to be paid, not replaced. We do not accept replacement copies for materials, as we purchase specialty bindings from specific library vendors.