Welcome to
Meadowbrook School Library!

We are excited to announce that author,
Dan Gemeinhart
will be visiting with 4th and 5th graders
on Thursday, February 20th!

For information about book signing, 
please click here!

Dan G.

He is the author of many great chapter books
 for middle grade readers including:

Coyote Sunrise   Honest Truth
 A grieving girl and her father go
on an epic cross-country journey
to save a memory box that she
made with her tragically lost mother
and sisters.
An adventure about a boy battling
cancer, who runs away with his dog
to climb Mt. Rainier. 
Good Dog   Scar Island
A loyal dog who has passed away
returns to earth as a spirit in order
to save the boy that he loves more
than anything. 
A boy who commits a terrible crime
is sent to a grim island reform school
prison - but when disaster strikes, he
and other inmates find themselves in
a struggle for survival. 

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